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Ollie is a barn owl silently swooping down on his prey.  Ollie measures 1000mm wing tip to wing tip; is 700mm tip of tail to beak and stands 500mm tall on his attached stand (measurements approximate).  He is made of stainless steel (grade 304 and higher) so she should be fine for display outdoors in a normal (e.g. non-marine) environment.  I have also made a similar sculpture to this one on a curved post standing 1800mm of the ground. Bolt down tabs are essential for the tall version but could also be added for the low standing sculpture if needs be.  I can make a sculpture like Ollie from around £350.

Click on the images below to enlarge.

Ollie the barn owl Ollie the barn owlOllie the barn owl Ollie the barn owl Ollie the barn owl

Below is a slight different take on an owl sculpture, simpler and smaller than the one above (390mm tall on his stand) but still retaining those endearing owlie features.  This one is also made using stainless steel but with display indoors in mind.  A simular sculpture could easily be scaled up for outdoor display. I can make a sculpture like this from around £120.