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Maggie is a mayfly sculpture made from unfinished mild steel. The tail has a zigzag build up of MIG weld to give texture. The feature on the wing to simulate her second wing is done with a bead of MIG weld.  She was inspired while I was out paddling my racing kayak up and down the river in the springtime.

The third picture below shows and alternative approach to the wing using stainless steel wire (4mm and 3mm rod).

The first two pictures were taken soon after the sculpture was made, normally the sculpture would be 'rusted' for a rich brown display out of doors. It would be possible to paint or lacquer the sculpture to provide an alternative finish. The mayfly has a wingspan of 485mm (tip to tip between the angled upwards wings). I can make these sculptures for around £150 with steel wings or £175 with stainless steel wire wings.

Click on the images below to enlarge.

Mayfly Mayfly Wire_Wing_Mayfly.JPG