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Connie is a cormorant, patiently drying her wings. Cormorants are a prolific and somewhat charismatic coast and estuary bird which are now colonising the inland lakes and waterways of Britain. They can often be seen on a prominent rock or navigation mark holding their wings outstretched like this and it is said that they do it to dry their wings, personally, I am a little sceptical that this is the reason as in the past I have seen cormorants holding their wings outstretched in the pouring rain!  Connie measures 1470mm wing tip to wing tip and stands 750mm tall. The Connie pictured is made of stainless steel (grade 304) so she should be fine for display outdoors in a normal environment (a higher grade of stainless steel would be advisable in a coastal location).  I have also made a similar sculpture in mild steel.  I can make a Connie from around £280 depending on the chosen materials.

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Connie the cormorant Connie the cormorant Connie the cormorant