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These solid novelty bookends are made from mild steel plate with 5mm stainless steel wiremen 'pushing' the books up.  They have a 6mm plate at the bottom to give them weight and have some 'sticky' rubber matting bonded to the bottom so they won't slip away from the books (within reason).  They are 280mm tall by 150mm wide and weigh 1.7Kg (all approximate).  For even more serious shelves of books, I could make them heavier if you wish - just don't drop them on your foot!  I could also make them with different figures (headstand was the next one I was thinking of) or I'd have a go at anything else you might think of - make me a suggestion.  As you can see, the wiremen are bright shiny stainless steel and the plates are painted matt black.  These are a steal at £25 each.

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Bookends Bookends Bookend